Our AI platform empowers healthcare providers with accurate medical data, Payors with real-time risk analytics and patients with ability to take charge of their health.

Founded in 2019, OptMyCare’s advanced analytics engine not only predicts but also stratifies a member’s risk across all healthcare conditions. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of a patient’s health is analyzed, providing a complete picture of potential risks and cost drivers.
Our technology integrates seamlessly with existing health systems to deliver precise, actionable insights that empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions and prioritize interventions based on comprehensive risk assessments including quality care gap identification.

Our Mission

To improve the care management of chronic conditions through precision analytics including highly accurate clinical and financial risk identification and evidence-based treatment strategies designed to improve outcomes and lower costs

Scalable, Secure and Flexible Technology

Our technology allows you to securely transfer and analyze healthcare data, helping mitigate risk and costs. Your team can interact with OptMyCare’s platform directly or have the analytics tightly integrated into your own care management platform.

AI Platform

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