Why OptMyCare?

Only cloud-based, AI health technology designed to harmonize workflow for examining, treating & processing medical cases. OMC’s dynamic risk stratification system results in improved patient outcomes and hence reduction in hospitalizations and procedures

Powering healthcare decisions through AI and machine learning.

OMC creates a healthcare bridge that is both novel and useful and will ultimately become indispensable in coordinating care and containing cost in multiple chronic conditions.
The current status of health information connectivity involves disparate EHR (Electronic Health Record) platforms such as EPIC and Cerner that generally don’t exchange information and tools that allow doctors and patients to store information and communicate, but not on the same page with payors (private insurers, CMS, etc.) that provide the financing needed for the healthcare system.

Why Partner with OptMyCare?

  • Accurate risk stratification across multiple care delivery platforms
  • Easy-to-use digital platform to improve disease behavior across multiple chronic conditions
  • Easy to adopt digital platform across multiple clients
  • Real-time risk stratification for payors and healthcare organizations
  • Detailed cost analytics and cost predictions for ACOs/CINs and Stop-Loss /Reinsurance payors
  • Actionable roll-outs based on risk level