AI platform – Mitigate risk & cost

Previously recommendations and decisions were made based on inputs largely derived from the judgements of individual case managers and clinical reviewers. These recommendations, not always accurate, did not derive the benefit of lessons from past recommendations and their ultimate outcomes. By leveraging ML we are able to both capture and scale the collective intelligence of past learning to improve future outcomes.

A scalable, secure cloud-based solution for coordinating care and containing the costs of multiple chronic conditions

AI application increases our scalability and substantially decreases the wait time on risk outputs

Creates a unified data bridge between patients, providers and payors

Easy-to-use application for web and mobile devices

AI algorithms deliver real-time outputs, allowing rapid, accurate decision-making

Improves workflow, lowering the time and costs associated with manual processing

How it works

OptMyCare’s highly experienced disease mitigation team actively interact with patients digitally and when needed by video conferencing based on different levels of disease progression risk with established algorithms to improve adherence to disease mitigation strategies including lifestyle modifications. OptMyCare adddresses multiple chronic conditions; an area of significant unmet need costing over $3Tn to the healthcare system as per CDC.


Employ OMC services

Payer or HCO engage OptMyCare’s services for its subscribers.


Interface with EMR

OptMycare uses claims data or developer an advanced practice interface with the patient’s EMR and enables OptMycare’s app onto patient personal device.


Risk stratification

Through it’s proprietary risk stratification system OMC updates the necessary information from the patient as well as from the EMR and risk stratifies the patients based on their comorbid conditions.


Disease Mitigation Protocols

Patient specific precision medicine protocols are uploaded as guides and reminders and user-friendly exercise on the patient’s personal device.


Disease management

OMCs clinical team consistently engages with the patients and the provider and offers comprehensive disease management education.


Instantaneous payer update

The Payers are provided with real time risk stratification of the enrolled patients based on static and dynamic risk factors.

For Payors

Analytics for risk identification, stratification, mitigation and optimization

For Providers

Care optimization, claims payment guidance, follow-up reminders and education

For Patients

Up-to-data digital information (lab, medical imaging, records)

Main benefit

Solving the problem of rising healthcare costs

Machine learnt outputs further enhance the predictive capability of the algorithms to analyze and optimize risk in large cohorts

AI & Machine Learning

Tightly coupled firewalls, SSL enabled, encrypted data security deployed in micro-services architecture

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant

Proven technology stack deployed at several Fortune 500 Customers – Web (React JS, JAVA, MySQL), Mobile (nnnn), Analytics (ELT, Java, Python, Power BI)

Proven Architecture

A 2-4 week timeframe to process client datasets and deliver analytic results

Short Onboarding Time