Risk stratification & analysis

OptMyCare is a unique risk stratification & analysis platform that identifies patients who are at high risk for disease progression and rolls out actionable disease mitigation pathways in an easy to use interactive mobile application to the patient.

AI application increases our scalability and sustainability decreases the wait time on risk outputs

Claims Data
EMR & real time


Cost Strata
Severity & Progression

Digital Roll-out

Real-time data
Ongoing Gaps

OptMyCare's edge in risk analysis

Enables the payor to close the protection gap more efficiently and onboard new business and renew existing business with greater accuracy and confidence.

  1. For Stop Loss insurers, Reinsurance providers, insurance agencies and Managing General Underwriter (MGUs).
  2. Provides real-time disease risk updates of both subtle and radical changes in a patient’s health status.
  3. Actionable roll-outs based on risk level.
  4. Enables payors to scale up the risk they can take by several fold and enhance their cost containment efforts.