How we manage care?

OMC can help employers, accountable care organizations, clinically integrated networks, first dollar and stop loss payers identify patients with chronic conditions at high risk for hospitalization and disease progression. Enrolled patients who are at the high risk receive highly targeted behavior modification and disease mitigation strategies to decrease disease progression. Optmycare’s real-time risk assessment platform also enables patients with moderate and lower risk of disease progression from not becoming high risk patients over time with improved health behavior.

AI application increases our scalability and substantially decreases the wait time on risk outputs

Coordination With Payors

Coordinate more fluidly and openly with insurers regarding claims payments and prior authorizations for procedures.


Complement the role of physicians and advanced practitioners by providing reminders for follow-up visits and education on diet and lifestyle improvements

OptMyCare approach

OptMyCare enables providers and payors taking care of and providing coverage for patients with multiple chronic conditions to track their progress and assess their risk level which is more often dynamic as opposed to static. This platform provides complete patient data to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare groups and clinicians, enabling direct, immediate feedback and better decisions about treatment approaches.


Track Risk

OMC identifies patients with chronic conditions based on their risk status and corresponding cost of care.


Treat Risk

OMC utilizes machine learnt disease mitigation algorithms supported by a clinical team to mitigate risk by prompt intervention on high risk members.


Mitigate Risk

OMC actionable rollouts engage in real-time with high risk members to augment disease behaviour improvement.



OMC's kidney disease mitigation platform can assist practices with chronic kidney disease patients to enroll in CKCC & KCC programs.


Estimate Risk

OMC's AI algorithm allow you to estimate risk with real-time outputs.