Comprehensive health management

Patients are often plagued with unexpected costs and payors are often surprised by claims for unexpected treatments. OptMyCare makes health management a more predictable process. We seek to reduce hospitalizations and procedures while optimizing patient outcomes and cost stats for the listed diseases.

50% of the population is affected by chronic disease
85% of healthcare costs are due to chronic disease

AI application increases our scalability and substantially decreases the wait time on risk outputs

For patients with a wide variety of conditions
Only platform for patients with multiple chronic conditions

Allows the patient to have up-to-date, interactive medical information (Allows the patient to have labs, medical imaging, records, etc)

Allows patients to take charge of their health.
Provide active support from a highly skilled care team to complement the care provided by physicians.

Collecting Data On Various Conditions

Multiple chronic conditions

Kidney disease

Cardiovascular disease

Diabetes and Prediabetes
Lipid Disorder

Other Conditions